I live in West Kerry and I am originally from Denmark. I graduated from Kolding School of Art and Design Denmark in Ceramics and Glass Design. I have a great love for the materials I work with and their almost magical transformative processes. 

I have worked in Denmark and Ireland in collective studios, ceramic industry and in my own studio, and my focus has evolved more and more towards sculptural work and collaborating with other artists in different disciplines like painting, poetry and installation.

The themes in my artwork revolve around the forms, patterns and shapes caused by forces of nature and our human response to them by way of inventing forms that can withstand or harness that power. This means for example that I have a deep interest in the science of formation in waves in water, sand and rock, and also with boat structures through history and pre-history.

 My sculptures are most often made of clay and glaze but I always experiment with other materials. Currently I am very excited to be working with a foundry in Dublin to carry out new works in bronze.

Some of my work can be seen in Greenlane Gallery, Dingle, and I regularly show pieces in Galleries in Dublin and Cork also. I take part in group shows in Dublin and Kerry each year and also work with art facilitation projects for Ealaín na Gaeltachta, The Heritage Council, Design & Crafts Council Ireland and Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne. 


“The shapes and contours of the landscape in this mountainous seaside location often make their way into my work”

Lone’s work is a manifestation of the West of Ireland’s wild beauty expressed with elegance and simplicity.


Lone Beiter often starts out the process of developing sculpture by working in the medium of high fired clay. She combines techniques including throwing, slab-building, plaster casting, press moulding and carving to create unique pieces. Essential to Lone’s process is developing glaze fomulas which accentuate the dynamic sculptural forms of her art and detail the story being told. Some of the pieces are also developed on to make limited edition bronze sculptures with different patinas.

Artistic expression

“Growing up in sandy Western Jutland was a lesson in how wind and
water carve the landscape. This fascination of mine remains the same and is now focused on the unique landscape of West Kerry. The primal patterns expressed by the sea and wind in the
contours of the mountains and the ripples on the beach are integral to my work. I capture these patterns in clay and playfully present them back to the viewer in new forms and dimensions.”

“Complementing the untameable force of nature, is the human response to this energy. My ceramic boats encapsule this human response and balance between the wild and the structure. In my more recent work these manmade structures seem to bend to the forces that create our landscape. The boats disintegrate, they melt into the landscape, and eventually regrow. These works represent a cycle of creation and recreation.”