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“Reflections”           65cm diameter                    €420

Ceramic wall piece, imprinted in high-relief with searipple pattern.

“Night in Nóatún” 1/9       12x16x30cm.      € 1,900

Bronze cast. Edition of 9.

1/9 with copper patina. Work inspired by 100 year old  shipwreck in Waterville Bay, the Danish schooner “Eliezer”, and the Nordic mythology attached to the sea god of Njord and his heavenly ship-home called Nóatún.

“Night in Nóatún” 2/9       12x16x30cm.       € 1,900

Bronze cast. Edition of 9.     2/9 with bronze patina.

“Noatun”  1/9.       10 x 11 x 17cm            €1,300

Bronze cast with copper patina.

1/9 features copper patina.

“The Explorers”        10 x 20 x 50cm           € 700

Representation of creative spirits of Dingle. I used imagery from Scandinavian Bronze-age rock art, interpreted into three dimensional form. Ceramic high fired sculpture with stain and oxides.

,”Moment of discovery” 45x25x100mm. €60

Ceramic figurine sculpture, stoneware clay with yellow and transparent matte glaze.

Ceramic sculpture with stoneware glaze

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“Tomáisín’s Dream III” “Taibreamh Tomáisín III” € 320 40.5 x 36cm

Wall hanging Relief imprint of 200 year old rock art from Clogher Beach, Co. Kerry. White stoneware with red Iron Oxide and coloured stains.

“Sound of the Sea”    € 175   13 x 10 x 10cm

“Sound of the Sea” is a visualisation of the sound of millions of tiny bubbles reaching the surface of the water – which is what makes the sound we know as the sound of the sea! Porcelain clay, thrown on the wheel, altered in shape and carefully carved. Glazed with transparent glaze and fired to 1280C.

“Faoi Draoíocht an Rince” € 100 25x25x2.5cm

Porcelain imprrint of section of sand-ripple. Glazed with blue crystal glaze. Wall mounted.

“Moonlit”           5.5cm x 6cm x 11cm              €70

A miniature piece inspired by poetry:”May there come across the waters, A path of yellow moonlight, To bring you safely home” an excerpt from “Beannacht” by John O’Donoghue.

White stoneware clay. Thrown and altered. Double glazed and fired to 1280C.

“Atlantic Dip”      26 x 26 x 8 cm      €200

“Eclipse”      €350       12 x 16 x 25cm

“Eclipse” with a matte stoneware glaze in charcoal and blue. This ceramic boat has been  sculpted by combining leather-hard thrown and pressmoulded elements. The press-moulded element in the base of the piece is press-moulded from a plaster casting of tidal sand ripples.

Searipple Plate      26 x 26 x 2.6cm          €125

Searipple plate, with imprint of the seabed of Béal Bán Beach, Kerry, Ireland. It has been glazed with a shiny green transparent glaze, and fired up to stoneware temperature of 1280C.

“Síocháin dhiamhair” “Deep Peace” €200 Size:5.5 x 27 x 28cm

Mirror Ripple series: The rim is sand-ripple textured – The base is completely flush and smooth. Glazed in a deep shiny glaze it is like looking into calm water in which the cliff-like ripple sides mirror themselves. White stoneware clay with shiny blue glaze fired to 1280C.