Ripples 15

I am fascinated by SAND formations…. perhaps  as a result of growing up on the flat and sandy soil of the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. As far as the eye can see, the dunes along the coast there are the only things rising out of the landscape. I have always loved their gently swooping shapes which, from a distance, form repeating patterns.


Lately, here in Ireland, I have been working on the beach, taking imprints of the sand ripples that appear at low tide. Often they remind me of the water that created them, standing like waves frozen in time. On other days they echo the shapes of the mountains around this area, ground and polished by millions of years of rain and wind. The variations are endless and fascinating and, once in a while, the ripples take the concentric shape of rings of woodgrain or like the gradient contours on the highest point of a map.

contour sand ripple

Back in my workshop I design ceramic pieces based on the patterns that I have captured. I form them in white stoneware clay and apply richly coloured glazes to accentuate the patterns and shapes of nature.

Some of these pieces are presented flat as tiles and can be hung on the wall with or without frames.

More recently I have experimented with these patterns in cylindrical format (photographs to follow soon)

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