Ceramics by Lone O’Reilly


thanks for coming in to have a look at my most recent ceramic pieces and photos.

I work on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, between the mountains and the Atlantic ocean. This landscape is reflected in much of my work.


Working on the potter’s wheel (throwing) has been one of my favourite things to do since … forever! So, of course, I also produce some thrown pots. And sometimes I combine this technique with handbuilding, as with these boats.



Another interest of mine has to do with the classic 15x15cm commercial white tile that we all know so well. It is easily available and I love it for its simplicity. However I also love complicating things….! So, instead of placing them in the usual straight lines, I cut some of them up so they form other patterns. I combine these with modules of my own handmade tiles with crystal glazes.


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